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With VR, Mobinar stays on the cutting edge of technology in business

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The Video Distribution Platform for Enterprises

Deeper analytics, smart video distribution, and many other incredible features help you do business like never before

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Create, manage, and optimize your video experience with your audience

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With Salesforce integration, Mobinar lets you use your existing contacts effortlessly

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A range of Mobinar Innovations

  • Real Estate Innovations

    • Experience an open house like never before. Be present in your dream house from your own comfort place.
    • Fully immersive virtual reality experience that makes you feel present in another place.
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  • Sales

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  • Marketing

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  • Digitalizing

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  • Socializing

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Enterprise video distribution for brand marketers

  • Launch

    Use Mobinar to create a public or private campaign to share with the your audience.


  • Distribute

    Mobinar delivers your video directly to your customers on a convenient and streamlined platform.

  • Learn

    Our advanced analytics allows you to understand every bit of information about your video to help drive your business.


We make your video work for you

  • Distribute your video
    like never before

    Mobinar allows your video to reach a brand new audience in the most direct way imaginable, free from ads and other distractions.

  • Get results
    when you need them

    See who’s watching your video, how long they’re watching it, and everything else in between.

  • Know that
    your content is safe

    Security is important. With a host of security features, Mobinar offers the most secure user experience available.

more features
  • One to One Marketing

    Engage your customers with context and content that they will respond to.

    Permission Based Viewing

    Your Mobinar can be private (not shareable) or public (shareable).

    Convenient Communication

    Viewers can call, email, visit your website, or share on social media right from their mobile devices with the Mobinar App..

    Engaged Viewers

    Reach not only a broader audience, but a more relevant audience.

  • An Awesome Platform

    An innovative, cloud-based platform to store, stream, share your videos.

    Video Encoding

    Mobinar automatically encodes your video into multiple bit rates.

    Bandwidth Detection

    Mobinar instantly detects a viewer's bandwidth and plays videos accordingly so that there is no delay in content viewing.

    High Definition Streaming

    HD, SD, and Mobile Compatible resolution/streaming with a fully responsive HTML5 player.

  • High-powered Analytics

    Mobinar tells you who watched your video, for how long, and other important attribution data.

    Distraction-Free Viewing

    Mobinar ensures that your video is the main attraction by eliminating distractions like banner or video ads.

    Easy Sharing & Embedding

    We make it a breeze to share your mobinar on social media platforms and websites.

    A Free Profile Page

    Your company gets a personalized profile page on mobinar.me.

A digital marketing channel that takes knowing and
reaching your audience to a whole new level

  • Mobinar videos allow us to emphasize and demonstrate product features that will have the most sales impact.

    - Russ Meeks | Val-Test Group

  • My clients can view all my videos on my own Mobinar.me - Blossom Wealth landing page without ads, cookies or other distractions.

    - James Salter| COO, Founder Blossom Wealth Management

  • Sending a Private Mobinar to a client or prospect and can only be viewed by them it is a feature that I rely on in my practice.

    - Mike Krueger | Associate Attorney Bowles-Verna Law

  • With Mobinar my employee communication is so much easier that now I do it more often.

    - John Tatum | CEO Heritage Paper

We integrate so you don’t have to

  • Salesforce

    Salesforce allows you to maintain and make changes to all of your business contacts with ease. Now Mobinar allows you to use those same contacts for your video distribution needs.

  • Adobe

    With Adobe Voice creating a video is as easy as finding a few great pictures and doing a short voiceover. Then simply upload your file to Mobinar and start your next video campaign.

  • SendGrid

    SendGrid allows you to deliver your transactional and marketing email through a reliable platform. With Mobinar integration, SendGrid can help you push your videos even further than before.

  • Mobinar

    Mobinar is integrated with all of the major cloud storage space providers, allowing you to upload to our platform directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

Your Free Account Includes:

  • Free
    1 Free Mobinar Account
  • Tech Support
    Email Tech Support
  • Campaigns
    5 Campaigns
  • Rendering for the VR World
  • Basic Analytics
    Basic Analytics
  • 360 Degree
    3600 Video Compatibility

The Mobinar Community page is available to provide mobinar users the ability to connect with other users and businesses available to provide their product or services. Mobinar is your exclusive mobile video B2B platform and providing the best networking opportunities is one of our primary objectives as a mobile marketing video platform.

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About the Team

We here at Mobinar are on a mission to help businesses harness the power of video and take engaging and knowing their audience to a whole new level. It really is that simple. Our spectacular team works around the clock the make sure we have the best platform available. Come learn more!

The Office

  • Address: 42840 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538
  • Phone: (510) 803 - 5299
  • Email:
    General: info@mobinar.com
    Technical: tech@mobinar.com
    Sales: sales@mobinar.com